Telling Tales

Do you think that you know the tale
of the tin soldier, the incomplete brother,
unwavering, even on one leg.

Never failing to keep countenance
through all his misfortune, finally
winning his eye’s desire, just
moments before dying.

Do you think it is wise to be consumed in this way?

What about the silent, crisp doll,
stood in the doorway of her castle.
A sylph in flossy gauze. Gazing out
over the party, frozen in mid-pirouette.

Did you ask her why she didn’t say anything?

And the Jack-in-the-box, never fully revealed
called cunning, accused
of thwarting the soldier’s plans. (What plans?
He was as immobile as she was.)

Can you prove that he had anything to do with it?

Do you even know whose voice it is that is speaking?

[NaPoWriMo 2019 – day 2]

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